Logo Essalca

– Gustavo Bermúdez – Managing Director of ESSAL, C.A.

“In my 25 years of career in the field of industrial safety and 15 years as an independent advisor, I always recommend and use DOCA services, since they have always been my faithful and unconditional partner in the projects I have had under my responsibility. . They are very responsible, their brands are of quality and above all their human talent is first line, and…

La Ponderosa Logo

– Mariano Montilla – Purchasing Department Granja Avicola La Ponderosa, C.A.

“As Head of Purchase and on behalf of the company I represent Granja Avicola La Ponderosa, CA, we want to inform you that the products and services we currently have with the companies Distribuidora Osoroma and Calzados Sicura are of the highest quality, staying satisfied and satisfied in maintaining the commercial relations that we have during the year 2019 and the coming years “ COMPARTIR…

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